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Our Hearing Services

Hearing Loss & Diagnostic Testing

    Your initial evaluation will consist of a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation to determine if any hearing loss is present. This involves performing a hearing test while you sit comfortably in a sound booth to listen for various tones and words.  The process takes about a half an hour.  Our Audiologists will also take a look inside your ear canal to look for obstructions or other factors which may cause a hearing loss.  After the evaluation, if it is determined that a hearing aid is necessary, an audiologist will make a medical referral to a doctor or work with you on selecting the most appropriate hearing system.  This process takes about an hour.


Hearing Aid Sales / Service

    At High Point Audiological, you will find a wide selection of hearing instruments from the most advanced fully digital hearing aids to basic digital aids. All of our hearing aids include a complete hearing healthcare plan which consists of:

  • Quarterly cleanings
  • Adjustments during the warranty period
  • Yearly audiometric screenings
  • Yearly hearing evaluations
  • First year loss and damage insurance
  • First year warranty (up to 3 years on some models)
  • Repair and loss and damage replacement renewal options available


FREE batteries provided for the life of your hearing aid


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