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Sound Monitoring


Area sound level monitoring is available thru state-of-the-art Quest 2900 Integrating and Logging Sound Level Metering Service. Dosimetry testing is conducted with Quest Q300, or Q220 dosimeters. Concise, descriptive results are presented with specific recommendations for follow up action, if necessary.

Samples include:      *Dose    *Pdose    *Twa    *Peak Levels    *LANG    *UL Time

Copies of the applicable standards will be made available as well.



  Integrated Audiometric Testing is processed through Benson Medical CA-200 Plus audiometers. Currently Benson Medical is the audiometric software and hardware provider for the US military worldwide. The SOLOTM Occupational DBMS data processing program will: Automatically Flag Possible Recordable Hearing Loss! OSHA now mandates that certain standard threshold shifts (STS) must be recorded if not properly diagnosed by an Audiologist or Physician. Compliance couldn’t be simpler. SOLOTM is actually designed with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 regulations in mind to make your job easier. SOLOTM is also designed to:


  • Calculate OSHA STS and recordable hearing loss—automatically
  • Maintain separate-ear or single baseline.
  • Include extensive user-defined data and comment fields
  • Multi-task, including testing, data entry, and printing all at once.
  • Collect all demographic and exposure data required by OSHA.
  • Integrate with BAS-200 Bio-Acoustic Simulator for required daily biologic calibration checks, or BAS-200slm Bio-Acoustic Simulator/Sound Level Meter for daily calibration checks and ambient noise level monitoring exceed ANSI S3.6-1989 standards for audiometers.
  • Age calculation is factored into each copy of hearing test results in numeric format as well as easy to understand chart points. The results are then reviewed with each employee before they return to work. Any possible STS (Standard Threshold Shift) will be addressed immediately before the employee leaves the testing booth. All employee records meet HIPAA requirements as well as patient confidentiality laws.


Annual testing will be managed in complete compliance with OSHA1910.95 standards. A comparison of each employee’s current test information to their baseline audiogram is calculated according to current OSHA regulations identifying any possible STS (Standard Threshold Shift). Your company will be provided with the current results and any appropriate action needed to remain in compliance to OSHA 1910.95 standard at the time of service.

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