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In today’s industrial environment the concern is with the most reliable testing specifications required by OSHA as well as a welcomed benefit to every employee being tested. Testing is performed at a rate of up to 10 employees every 5-6 minutes. Each employee will be tested individually at a different frequency levels to ensure accurate results. Each employee’s results must be logged three separate times to ensure consistent accurate data.  In the real world of mobile testing, ambient noise is not a one-time occurrence—trucks go by, motorcycles backfire, equipment generators turn on and off, and subjects cough and sneeze.  Because background ambient noise is a constant part of life, you need assurance that your testing environment always meets applicable Hearing Conservation testing standards. Each employee is monitored through a BAS-200slm sound level meter ensuring accurate results according to OSHA standard. This will save unnecessary retesting and loss of production time and resources.  The test vehicle can be conveniently parked within 100 feet of a standard 110volt outlet. It will be necessary for each employee to fill out a questionnaire prior to testing and is available in their language of preference which will be provided. Instruction for the test process itself will be given to each employee in there preferred language.

Our state of the art mobile test units can support testing rates of 120 employees per hour (10 individuals every 5 minutes) enabling employers to reduce the time “off the floor” for their employees. With the industries leading test rate and our competitive pricing, we are able to provide our clients with a lower total cost solution for their annual testing requirements while providing quality and friendly service utilizing CAOHC certified technicians.

We also provide an efficient data delivery service which minimizes the time required for our clients’ Hearing Conservation Program administrators. All OSHA required documentation is delivered upon completion of testing in an easy to interpret format.

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